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You are trapped in a maze, and being chased by a creature. Your goal is to escape, and get to safety, before it gets you. It is faster then you, and stronger too. You must activate shields by brushing against door frames as you run through them, but be warned, this will only slow the creature down temporarily...

P.S.: To activate a shield you need to touch a door's frame (edge).


Xbox One Controller(Recommended)

Thumbstick 1 – Movement

Thumbstick 2 – Camera

Shoulder LT – Look Back

Shoulder RT – Moon Walk (Show off)

Menu button – Quick Restart


WASD – Movement

Mouse – Camera

Left Mouse Button – Look Back

Right Mouse Button – Moon Walk (Show off)

Esc – Quick Restart

Install instructions

Unzip and run


OutRunIt.zip 125 MB

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